The Fire Pit Gallery, American-made steel fire pits, steel fire spheres, outdoor living space, outdoor fire features, handmade, one-of-a-kind fire pits, custom fire pits, 7010034-30D
The Fire Pit Gallery, American-made steel fire pits, steel fire spheres, outdoor living space, outdoor fire features, handmade, one-of-a-kind fire pits, custom fire pits, 7010034-30D

The Fire Pit Gallery Sounds of Fire Swan Fire Pit

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              • Sounds of Fire. SKU 7010034-30D

                The Sounds of Fire – Swan fire pit features the clean lines of a simple fire bowl, suspended above a contemporary designer base. Each fire pit is hand-drawn by Melissa Crisp and hand-cut, assuring every fire pit is completely unique. All of The Fire Pit Gallery’s fire features come with a brass plate stating the name and number of the piece. The plaque certifies each piece as a unique functional sculpture, sure to add character to your outdoor living space.

                All of The Fire Pit Gallery’s fire features are made in the USA, from American made steel, and are guaranteed not to rust through in your lifetime. The Fire Pit Gallery’s fire pits have between ¼” thick steel (30” models and Mini Sand Dune have 3/16”). So, you can be assured your unique functional art will last very probably into future generations. Every fire feature has a natural rust patina finish, and a rain drain at the bottom of the bowl.


                • Custom Made
                • Abstract organic base cradling a fire bowl
                • Designed by artist Melissa Crisp
                • Metal plaque with unique number
                • Rust patina (Iron Oxide) finish
                • Rain drain
                • Wood-burning
                • Lifetime Warranty


                • Material: American Made Steel
                • Fuel: Wood-Burning
                • Weight: 86 lbs
                • Dimensions: 30” DIA X 27” H
                • Steel Thickness: 3/16”
              • The Fire Pit Gallery specializes in transforming the functional into the phenomenal. Their fire pit spheres and bowls, available with wood-burning, liquid propane, or natural gas fuel sources, are carefully designed by artist Melissa Crisp and guaranteed to be one of a kind.

                This family-owned company is located in Bristolville, Ohio, but was founded about 20 miles south in Niles. Jason Crisp, a certified welder, and his wife Melissa Crisp, an artist, enlisted the entrepreneurial expertise of Melissa’s parents, Tom and Marlene Appel. Through their combined experience, talent, and effort they brought The Fire Pit Gallery to life, selling their first fire pits in June 2010. After a photo of the Up North Fire Pit Sphere went viral in April 2013, the Fire Pit Gallery soon outgrew its location. They moved up to their current, larger facility, in Bristolville, August of that year.

                Melissa Crisp is the artist who designs, and cuts most of the bowls. A true artist by nature, Melissa has been creating, sketching, sculpting, and painting since early childhood. Her passion took off when she was given a custom-built “art center” in the fourth grade and took her all the way to an art scholarship to the University of Nebraska in Omaha after high school. She is truly in her element with steel as her medium for artistic expression.

                Jason is The Fire Pit Gallery’s certified welder. He preps and finishes the bowls. Melissa hand-draws every bowl with her designs and then cuts them out with a plasma cutter along with Jason to turn the bowls into custom art.

                Tom’s focus is on growing the business and keeping the shop well supplied with as much recycled steel as possible and Marlene works in the office doing the accounting, shipping, answering emails, and taking phone calls.

                • Watch Melissa Crisp’s process in creating The Fire Pit Gallery’s signature fire pit!

                • Q: Are The Fire Pit Gallery fire pits wood-burning?

                  A: Yes, The Fire Pit Gallery’s fire pits are wood-burning, but most can be converted to gas.

                  Fire pits can be purchased with the Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) or Natural Gas (NG) kits (installation not included).

                  If you have already purchased your fire pit it can also be converted to either propane gas or natural gas by purchasing a gas kit. See the MANUAL + SAFETY tab for match-lit and electronic ignition gas kit instructions.

                  Q: Which gas kit do I need?

                  A: If you want to buy the gas kit separately you would first need to choose your gas type.

                  • Liquid Propane Gas (LPG)
                  • Natural Gas (NG)

                  Then choose your ignition system.

                  • Match-Light
                  • Electronic Ignition with remote control and flame sensing technology (Please note this option is not available with all fire pits)

                  Some of the fire pits do not need a burner pan, giving you yet another option. The DETAILS tab will list which models are recommended for a particular gas kit.

                  When purchasing your fire pit, choose from the dropdown lists. The options mentioned above and the correct gas kit for that fire pit will populate along with the price change with your selection.

                  Q: Are The Fire Pit Gallery’s fire pits made in the USA?

                  A: Yes; their fire pits are handcrafted in Bristonlville, Ohio with American-made steel.

                  Q: Will The Fire Pit Gallery’s fire pits stain my deck?

                  A: The fire bowl has been treated to produce a rust patina finish. This process will continue as the fire pit sits outdoors in the elements, and the finish will harden off after about a month. Until the finish is completed, you may prefer to protect the surface under your fire pit, as it may stain. If your deck or patio gets stained, CLR or a similar product should remove the stain.

                  Q: Will The Fire Pit Gallery’s Fire Pits burn my deck?

                  A: We do not recommend putting your wood-burning fire pit on a wooden surface. It probably would not catch fire but may create marks on your deck. If you choose to put your fire pit on a deck the best practice is to put a heat shield, such as decorative stones or pavers, under your fire pit. Always check your local fire ordinances as to what is allowed in your area.

                  Q: How Long will it take to receive my fire pit?

                  A: Lead time Vary – 2 weeks to several months, based on the season. Most fire pits are hand-drawn by Melissa and then hand cut with a plasma torch. The Fire Pit Gallery is proud of every fire pit that goes out the door, all of their fire pits are unique works of art and need time to make sure your fire pit is perfect.

                  In addition to the lead time, please allow for the actual shipping time, which can vary from 1-15 business days for the continental USA depending on where it is being delivered and longer for most international shipping. See the SHIPPING + RETURNS tab for more information.

                  Q: How do I put wood into the globe fire pits?

                  A: The openings are large enough to easily fit an unsplit log 12 inches in diameter. The largest opening in the Up North fire pit is 24 inches wide. The diameter of the spheres and deep fire bowls is 37 inches in diameter.

                  Q: What kind of maintenance does The Fire Pit Gallery’s fire pits require?

                  A: It is recommended to empty the ashes periodically as they can be corrosive to the fire pit, when wet. It will also help keep the drain hole open.

                  We recommend using a rounded scoop shovel to clean out the ash. Some people cut the handles shorter for ease of use.

                • MANUAL

                  Match-Lit Instructions

                  Electronic Ignition Instructions



                  The Fire Pit Gallery recommends using their fire pits in accordance with all state and local codes. Always check your local fire ordinances as to what is currently allowed in your area.

                  • All fire pits should sit on brick, concrete, stone, or other masonry while in use. We recommend placing a paver between the fire pit and outdoor surface to avoid rust transfer.
                  • We do not recommend placing the fire pit directly on lawns, asphalt, or wood.
                  • We would suggest placing it at least 25’ away from buildings, structures, vehicles, and any flammable items such as dry leaves and debris.
                  • The Fire Pit Gallery’s fire pits are designed for outdoor use only. Burning wood produces carbon monoxide, which has no odor. Therefore, this fire pit in an enclosed space can cause serious injury or fatality. Do not leave a lit fire pit unattended.
                  • Your fire pit must not be moved during use. All parts of the fire pit will be hot during and after burning. Do not touch the hot fire pit with bare hands. Allow the fire pit to cool completely before touching.
                  • Keep a fire extinguisher, water, or sand close by for emergency extinguishing.
                  • Only use fuel types recommended by the manufacturer.
                  • Do not allow children to operate the fire pit. Do not leave children or pets unattached while operating the fire pit.
                  • Do not let clothing or flammable materials come in contact with the fire pit.
                • FIRE PIT WARRANTY

                  All of The Fire Pit Gallery’s fire pits are hand-cut and come with a numbered metal plate to certify authenticity. Every The Fire Pit Gallery fire pit carries a lifetime warranty guarantee that it won’t rust through during your lifetime.


                  GAS KIT WARRANTY

                  The Fire Pit Gallery uses Hearth Products Control (HPC) gas kits to work with their fire pits. The warranty on the Stainless Steel Components* is 3 years for residential and 1 year for commercial use.

                  For more information about the match lit and electronic ignition gas kits, see the MANUAL + SAFETY tab.

                  *Stainless steel components (Fire rings, match lit kits, pans, valve boxes, fireplace grates, nipples, fittings)

                • SHIPPING

                  Lead times vary anywhere from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the season.

                  Most fire pits are hand-drawn by Melissa and then hand cut with a plasma torch. Because these are all unique works of art they cannot be rushed. The Fire Pit Gallery is proud of every fire pit that goes out of the door and we need to allow time to make sure your fire pit is perfect!

                  In addition to the lead time, please allow for the actual shipping time, which can vary from 1-15 business days for the continental USA depending on where it is being delivered. The average shipping times are listed below:



                  Fire pits that arrive within 5 business days

                  • Druids Dream 30″ fire bowl
                  • Rack of Fire 30″ fire bowl
                  • Sounds of Fire 30″ fire bowl


                  Fire pits and accessories that within 15 business days

                  • Mini Dune – 24″ fire bowl
                  • Sand Dune – 36″ fire bowl
                  • gas kits (if not ordered with fire pit)
                  • burner pans (if not ordered with fire pit)


                  • You may return your unused item in its original condition and packaging within 30 days of receipt. The 30-day return policy does not apply to custom designs; all sales are final for commissioned pieces.
                  • Please request a return by emailing with your order number and we will be happy to assist you.
                  • Unless your item is received damaged, or there was some error on our part, you will be responsible for all return shipping costs.
                  • Insuring your return shipment is highly recommended, refunds will not be issued in full for items damaged in return shipping or returns that are never received.
                  • All items are shipped to you in the best possible packaging to ensure that you receive your purchase in perfect condition. Upon receipt, please inspect your package closely. Check out our Shipping and Returns page for more information.
                  • If you receive a damaged item, Modern Flame will assist you in receiving a replacement or refund as quickly as possible – at no cost to you.

                  The Fire Pit Gallery will allow cancellations after an order has shipped, The customer will receive a refund of the merchandise total less shipping.

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                  Some of the products offered on this site may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects, or other reproductive harm. We are providing the following warning for products linked to this page:

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                  The list contains a wide range of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals that include additives or ingredients in pesticides, common household products, food, drugs, dyes, or solvents. Listed chemicals may also be used in manufacturing and construction, or they may be byproducts of chemical processes, such as motor vehicle exhaust.

                  The list of chemicals has grown to include approximately 900 chemicals since it was first published in 1987, and continues to grow each year.

                  Download the complete list of Prop 65 Chemicals here.

                  HOW CAN I PROTECT MYSELF?

                  The good news is that this law has caused many manufacturers to alter or change the way they produce products, in hopes to make them safer for consumers. However, there are still many items used every day that contain these listed chemicals that cannot be altered. As such, it is important for consumers to be made aware of the dangers and to take precautions when using these items to reduce or eliminate exposure. How you protect yourself largely depends on the product or place and the chemical you are trying to avoid.


                  If you have specific questions on the administration or implementation of Proposition 65, you can contact OEHHA’s Proposition 65 program at, or by phone at (916)445-6900.

                  For enforcement information, contact the California Attorney General’s Office at (510) 622-2160, or visit


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