Fireplace Bio Ventless Vent Free Eco table top torch décor real flame gel fuel  ambiance green cozy housewarming gift anywhere patio, porch, fall, winter, holiday, warmth, firepit, fire, ethanol, heat, log, pool, deck, patio, tiki, anywhere fireplace, Gel
Fireplace Bio Ventless Vent Free Eco table top torch décor real flame gel fuel  ambiance green cozy housewarming gift anywhere patio, porch, fall, winter, holiday, warmth, firepit, fire, ethanol, heat, log, pool, deck, patio, tiki, anywhere fireplace, Gel

Anywhere Fireplace Gel to Citronella Fuel Conversion Kit

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              • Gel to Citronella Fuel Conversion Kit. SKU 90231

                This polished stainless torch is the same size as a Gel Fuel Can so you now have the option to convert any of your gel fuel fireplaces to a citronella torch. For outdoor use only, just fill this torch with citronella oil or lamp oil and use it instead of your Gel Fuel Canisters. You can get the bug protection or candlelight you desire should you choose not to use the large Gel Fuel Can. Outdoor use only.


                • Dimensions: 3.5” DIA X 4.5” H
                • Fuel: Citronella or Lamp Oil
                • Material: Stainless Steel
                • Finish: Polished Stainless Steel
                • Weight: 1.5 lbs
              • Anywhere Fireplace strives to create distinctive, contemporary fire features which blend seamlessly with any décor. Their gel and liquid bio-ethanol fireplaces create a cozy ambiance that can be enjoyed in any space, from your garden to your bedroom. All of Anywhere Fireplace’s products are ventless and require no chimney, no gas line, and most importantly, no complicated installation. Anywhere Fireplace offers easy to install wall-mount models, as well as models which can be placed on any sturdy surface, on the ground, or the floor.


                • Q: Will the fireplace give off heat?

                  A: Liquid bio-ethanol fuel is decorative, beautiful, and it also provides a decent amount of heat. Due to the ventless nature of the fireplaces themselves, no heat is lost up the flue or vent. Anywhere Fireplaces are not intended to be used as a heat source, but rather for decoration and ambiance that only a flame offers. However, heat is an added benefit you will get when using Anywhere Fireplaces. Fireplaces that use the gel cans give off 3000 BTU while the liquid ethanol fireplace models give off between 4,000-6000 BTU. Remember never to leave your fireplace burning if unattended!

                  Q: Can I recess my wall mount fireplace into my wall?

                  A: You cannot recess your fireplace into the wall. Doing so prevents heat from radiating away from the fireplace. Limiting airflow on any side of an Anywhere Fireplace is unsafe and can damage the fireplace as well as its surrounding.

                  Q: What kind of walls can the fireplace be installed on?

                  A: Wall mount models should only be installed on a sturdy, flat, vertical surface. You can mount your Anywhere Fireplace against:

                  • brick
                  • drywall
                  • stone
                  • tile
                  • wallpaper

                  Do not mount it on any wall with a fabric or cloth covering.

                  Make sure the provided spacers are screwed onto the backside of the fireplace as directed so that it is not directly against the wall.

                  NEVER add fuel to a fireplace that is already burning or hot.

                  Q: Can the wall-mount units be installed outdoors?

                  A: Unlike other models, Anywhere Fireplace’s Wall Mount series is installed onto a surface and is recommended for outdoor use only under a covered area. Water can cause issues with the burner’s ability to light and may also cause rust around the edges of the fireplace.

                  Q: How do I care for my stainless steel fireplace?

                  A: You can easily clean your stainless steel fireplace by using an ordinary standard stainless steel spray cleaner found in your local supermarket or hardware store along with a soft cloth to wipe it down. For discoloration of the fuel tray, we recommend removing the tray from the fireplace and using a paste or cream stainless steel cleaner and a soft cloth to rub and buff it clean.

                  Q: Does the flame or heat cause any discoloration to the stainless steel?

                  A: The heat produced by the fire can cause some discoloration to the fuel tray and lid. Extended and constant use of your fireplace may lead to slight tarnishing and discoloration of the fireplace itself but can easily be cleaned off. Check the owner’s manual to find care instructions for your specific model.

                  Q: What kind of fuel do I use?

                  A: Aside from the Anywhere Garden Torches, which use citronella oil, there are 2 different fuels for Anywhere Fireplaces. The correct fuel depends on your model.

                  • If your fireplace has a round opening, it uses a Gel Fuel canister. We recommend SunJel or TerraFlame Gel cans.
                  • If your fireplace has a long burner/reservoir, it requires a pourable liquid bio-ethanol fuel that is made specifically for ventless fireplaces. We recommend using Smart Fuel™ liquid bio-ethanol fuel for fireplaces as it is tested as the safest fuel for indoor fireplaces. If you choose another brand of fuel, be sure it has a flame arrestor in the collar of the bottle for your safety.

                  Liquid and gel bio-ethanol fuels are not meant to be used interchangeably. Only use the type of fuel for your fireplace and never substitute an alternative type of fuel as it may emit harmful toxins or be unsafe.

                  Follow all safety precautions and never fill your fireplace without confirming there is no flame still lit.


                  Q: How do I add fuel to the fireplace?



                  Liquid Fuel:


                  • Be sure to check that your fireplace is extinguished and is cool by snuffing out the flame and waiting at least 10 minutes.
                  • Carefully pour the fuel directly into the burner/reservoir using a funnel or other pouring device. Fill the reservoir until you see the fuel over the perforated holes inside the reservoir or approx 1″ from the top of the reservoir.
                  • Be sure no fuel spilled outside of the reservoir. If any fuel spills, clean it up before lighting.
                  • Carefully light with a long wand lighter

                  Gel Fuel:


                  • Remove the lid from your gel fuel canister with a paint can opener or screwdriver.
                  • Carefully insert the gel fuel canister into the cup inside the fireplace, making sure nothing has spilled. If any fuel spills, clean it up before lighting.
                  • If you are replacing a can that is already existing in the fireplace, be sure that that can is cool to the touch before removing it.
                  • Carefully light with a long wand lighter.

                  Q: Are the emissions harmful to humans or pets?

                  A: Gel and liquid bio-ethanol fuels burn clean without emitting any harmful toxins into the air. Only harmless water vapor and a small amount of carbon dioxide are produced. Make sure you ONLY use the correct fuel recommended for your fireplace. The use of any other kind of fuel can emit harmful toxins and/or be unsafe.

                  Q: How do I extinguish the fireplace?

                  A: All fireplaces have a fuel tray, with a lid, to cover the opening and a separate handle. Use the provided handle to close the lid to the fuel tray to “snuff” or extinguish the fire. By closing the lid, you eliminate the supply of oxygen which extinguishes the flame.

                  Q: How do I control the heat and/or flame?

                  A: Open or dampen the lid to introduce more or less oxygen to the flame. The wider the lid is open, the larger the flame and the greater the heat.

                  Q: My fuel reservoir came with a white cloth inside it. What is this and should it be kept or thrown out?

                  A: The white cloth inside the fuel reservoirs on LIQUID fuel models is a non-flammable, ceramic fiber. The cloth acts as a sponge, wicking fuel to the surface and creating a more even, dancing flame throughout the burn time. It also helps to prevent spillage if you move your fireplace after filling, but before lighting it. Never move the fireplace while lit.

                  Q: Will wind extinguish my flame if I use my fireplace outdoors?

                  A: No, the wind should not be able to extinguish your flame. It is the vapors of the fuel that are burning and the warmer the fuel is, the more vapors are being emitted and continually burning.

                • MANUAL

                  Download Safety Instructions



                  • Ethanol Fuel and fireplace should ONLY be handled BY ADULTS. Keep children at a safe distance and never let them operate the fireplace and fuel.
                  • DO NOT allow children or pets near the fireplace when burning.
                  • To ensure safe use, you must carefully read and adhere to ALL of the manufacturer’s instructions. These instructions should be kept for reference for as long as you own the fireplace and should be provided to anyone planning to use this ethanol fireplace.
                  • NEVER overfill your fuel reservoir. NEVER fill the fuel reservoir more than ¾ full.
                  • NEVER REFILL THE FUEL RESERVOIR WHILE THE FLAME IS BURNING OR THE UNIT IS HOT. Be sure the fuel reservoir has cooled down for 15 minutes before attempting to add more fuel.
                  • After filling your fireplace, be sure to replace the bottle top and remove the bottle from the area of the fireplace before lighting the fireplace. DO NOT touch during burning or immediately after burning.
                  • CLEAN UP ANY FUEL THAT MAY HAVE SPILLED and make sure any surface moisture from spillage is gone or has evaporated before lighting.
                  • Only use an extended lighter or long match to ignite. Never attempt to ignite with any other device.
                  • Never store Ethanol Fuel in direct sunlight, or allow fuel to become heated. Always keep it in a dry cool area and store fuel a safe distance from the fireplace, away from children. Keep the fuel container closed.
                  • When first lit, the flame may be nearly invisible. The same happens just before fuel runs out. At all times, be certain that fire is out before refueling. To be safe, always double-check that no flame is present before refilling by closing the lid or placing the snuffer lid on top of the fuel reservoir for at least one minute.
                  • Never attempt to move the fireplace while it is lit (burning) or is still hot.
                  • Never place any objects in the fireplace or near the flame (flammable or non-flammable).
                  • Use only ethanol fuel made specifically for fireplaces. Burning common alcohol found in drug stores and home improvement stores is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Their emissions may be toxic and unsafe to inhale indoors or even outdoors.
                  • ALWAYS READ FUEL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS provided by fuel the manufacturer.

                  FIRST AID

                  In the event fuel comes into contact with:

                  • Eyes: Immediately flush the affected area with plenty of cool water. Flush eyes for at least 15 minutes. Seek immediate medical attention.
                  • Skin: Rinse exposed areas well with water and wash with soap. If irritation persists, consult a physician or dermatologist.
                  • Ingestion: If the victim is conscious and able to swallow, have the victim drink water or milk to dilute. Never give anything by mouth if the victim is unconscious or convulsing. Do not induce vomiting. Call a physician or poison control center immediately.
                  • Inhalation: Immediately move the victim into the fresh air. In case of breathing difficulties, administer artificial respiration. If there is no immediate improvement, seek medical assistance.
                • Anywhere Fireplace warranties all fireplaces for 90 days of purchase for manufacturer defects ONLY. Anywhere Fireplace does not accept customer remorse returns. If you are interested in purchasing a fireplace, please make sure you take all the correct measurements you need before placing the order.

                  In the event of damage to your product in shipping, please contact with your order number to arrange for replacement and pick-up of damaged parts only. Anywhere Fireplace will replace only damaged parts not replace in entirety unless otherwise agreed upon with Anywhere Fireplace in writing. Damaged products are eligible for part replacement but not for a refund. In the event of damage to your product in shipping, please contact to arrange for replacement and pick-up of damaged parts only.

                • SHIPPING

                  All in-stock items typically ship 2-3 business days after an order is placed. On average, orders will arrive 3-5 business days after shipment. If your item is unavailable for immediate shipment, we will reach out with an estimated restock date and you may choose to keep or cancel your order at that time.


                  Anywhere Fireplace does not accept customer remorse returns. Please make sure you take all the correct measurements you need before placing the order.

                  In the event of damage to your product in shipping, please email to arrange for replacement and pick-up of damaged parts only. Damaged products are eligible for parts replacement, but not for a refund. Anywhere Fireplaces will replace only damaged parts, not replace in entirety unless otherwise agreed upon with Anywhere Fireplace in writing.

                  If you refuse delivery of a product or it is unable to be delivered to the address provided at checkout and is returned to Anywhere Fireplace, a 25% restocking fee will be applied upon refund. The 25% fee will be applied to any products returned to us for any reason.


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